Political prisoner Vaskovich is in information blockade

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For over a month the political prisoner’s relatives and friends have not been receiving letters from him.

The executive secretary of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Dzianis Sadouski reported to Radio Racyja about the situation.

- Jauhien was also able himself to report that whereas not only letters, but also newspapers had reached him before, but a month ago his was limited in all kinds of external information, they keep periodically putting him in a penal cell at least twice a month, for preventive purposes as he says himself.

Jauhien Vaskovich was sentenced to 7 years in prison together with Arciom Prakapienka and Paviel Syramalotau for alleged attempted arson of the doors of the KGB office in Babrujsk. In September last year Paviel Syramalotau was released after having signed a plea for pardon addressed to Lukashenka. Jauhien Vaskovich and Arciom Prakapienka refuse to do that.