Another lawsuit against Krychau newspaper

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The District Court of Krychau opened yesterday the hearing of a civil suit filed by workers of the Cherykau-based PMK -280 (Mobile Mechanical Division) against journalists of the Volny Horad newspaper.

Two employees of the state-owned enterprise demand 16 million rubles in moral damages for a publication called “We’ll Wait with a Contradiction”.

According to the plaintiffs, the information set out in the article alleging that the employees’ contracts were not properly signed caused moral damage.

However, during the examination by the Judge the plaintiffs were not able to explain what were their mental sufferings and how the newspaper article caused the damages.


"I was just sorry for these people, they were confused at every word and told something unintelligible. We did not even have to ask them questions, as they could not clearly answer the questions of the Judge. Meanwhile, one of them said the lawsuit was written by them; however, it is unclear how they did this,” says the editor of the newspaper Siarhei Niarouny.

“It is clear that ordinary workers of PMK-280 are not real authors of this lawsuit. In my speech during the trial I said that I would really like to see the actual authors of the claim that hid behind the backs of ordinary workers. We all know who really wants to silence the newspaper,” says the editor.

The trial will be resumed on October 24.

On October 21 the District Court will continue hearing another lawsuit against the newspaper. The court will investigate the circumstances, whether the journalists discredited the managers of PMK-280.