Former political prisoner Artsiom Dubski wanted by the police

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Artsiom Dubski. Photo by

Artsiom Dubski. Photo by

A photo of Artsiom Dubski on the wanted list appeared in his native town, Asipovichy. He doesn't know the reasons for it. “I wonder, what have I done during my two-year absence from Belarus?” The younster hasn't lived in Belarus for two years and doesn't know the reasons for such a step of the authorities.

At present Artsiom lives and studies in Poland. He moved there from the Ukraine. He hasn't visited Belarus since January 2011.

“I asked my sister to check why is it so. I paid all the fines in the past years, and I don't live in Belarus,” he says.

Artsiom Dubski, an activist of the “Young Front”, was a figurant of the famous “case of 14”, within the frames of which 14 young activists were punished with various terms of personal restraint or imprisonment for the participation in a protest rally of Belarusian entrepreneurs. On 13 February 2009 Artsiom Dubski was detained at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border for a violation of the regime of serving the penalty at the place of his residence.

The international organization “Amnesty International” declared Artsiom Dubski a prisoner of conscience. He was released from the Mahiliou penitentiary on 25 May 2010.