Mahiliou MPs awake only after appeals to the Parliament and the prosecutor's office

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Leanid Padbiaretski

Leanid Padbiaretski

The members of the House of Representatives Aliaksandr Razganau and Eduard Siankevich submitted their answers to the collecctive appeals of the Mahiliou citizens concerning the initiation of hte Law “On Public Hearings” by the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) only in 3.5 months.

A member of the central committee of the BSDP Leanid Padbiaretski shares his impressions about the work of the work of the MPs:

“These deputies are not only reluctant to listen to the people, they do not even consider it necessary to provide answers in accordance with the Law "On applications of citizens". Having become MPs, these individuals have simply forgotten the people. Let us think how to hold them accountable for failing to answer the appeal of 500 Mahiliou citizens, whose signatures were submitted to them on 9 June.

Meanwhile, the General Prosecutor's Office and the the Ethics Commission of the House of Representatives to which Aliaksei Paulouski, Leanid Padbiaretski and Dzmitry Yaustratau have appealed the actions of the MPs, still haven't given any answer.

“There is no reaction of the structures and institutions to which we filed our appeals. If we don't receive any answers from them soon, we will write requrests to provide information as to how the MPs were punished for the violation of the Law “On applications of citizens”, says Leanid Padbiaretski.

It should be noted that all members of Parliament who have received signatures of the Mahiliou citizens, didn't see any need for the adoption of the new Law "On Public Hearings" that would unify the existing terminology with regard to the public hearings held in Belarus, define in detail the procedure of holding public hearings, the sphere of action of the law, its territorial spread and the cases of its use.

It should be noted that the Mahiliou MPs Ihar Stankevich and Uladzimir Vasilenka have sent timely denials to the Mahiliou citizens whose interests they formally represent at the Parliament.

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