Vitsebsk shop has “no need in the services” of the BPF member

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Aliaksandr Illinets

Aliaksandr Illinets

The member of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Aliaksandr Illinets who worked in the shop No. 139 of the trading network "Vesta", told the story of his dismissal. According to him he was asked to quit after a telephone call to the head of the shop.

Aliaksandr Illinets worked as a foreman in the workshop of the own production in the shop No. 139, baking bread, bakery and confectionery products. He argues that the administration of the shop didn't have any complaints about the quality of his work and his problems started after they found about his participation in the campaign “Let's do better!”.

“We decided to equip a children's playground at our territory. We held a meeting of the local dwellers from houses number 31 and the two corpuses of house 29 on Chkalov Street, collected signatures under a collective letter and applied to the housing utilities. We were even promised support – to be brought everything necessary for the children's playground. As soon as an article about it was published at the website “People's News of Vitsebsk”, an intensive work started: janitors were gathered from everywhere, they started cleaning, putting benches... Soon there arrived a bus with some people, mostly men dressed in suits and ties, who started examining everything and writing what was there and what was absent," said Aliaksandr Illinets.

The next day he came to the head of the shop to solve some working issues and became a witness of a telephone talk which concerned his person:

"The head of the shop, Alena Andreyeva, said on the phone: “Here he is!” For some time she listened silently to what she was being told, and then asked me to leave the room. Several minutes later I was invited to to room again. She said that the shop didn't need my services any more, that she received a telephone call and was advised to part ways with me. She also said that I knew the reason. I don't know who the head of the shop talked to, but can guess the reason: this is because of my civil activities, I allegedly incited people up to something bad, though actually we just wanted to make the yard more comfortable."