Vitsebsk court conceals decision on compulsory treatment of Ihar Pastnou

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Ihar Pastnou

Ihar Pastnou

The court of Vitsebsk district considered yesterday the possibility of forced psychiatric treatment of local doctor Ihar Pastnou, who publicly expressed his critical perception of health care in the region. As a result, the court's findings remain a mystery, but Ihar Pastnou still cannot be contacted. There is reason to believe that he has not been released from mental hospital.

The secretariat of the court refused to disclose the results of the meeting to a reporter of Radio Liberty.

The fact that the court had to decide on the compulsory treatment of psychiatrist Ihar Pastnou was reported by a freelance journalist Uladzimir Zhyhulou.

He was trying to find out other details from head of Vitsebsk Regional Psychiatric Hospital Alena Martynava, but she failed to turn up for the meeting she appointed herself. The deputy chief physician refused to answer the journalist’s questions, saying that Mr. Zhyhulou was "not accredited," and the newspaper "Vitsebski Kurier" "is not registered in Belarus."

"Although there is no news from the court, but I guess that if they had decided not to use forced treatment, then Pastnou would have been released from hospital. And he would have phoned me. And yet, no sign of him, and I keep calling him myself, but he is still not available, and all messages go to voice mail ", says Uladzimir Zhyhulou.

Vitebsk psychiatrist Ihar Pastnou found himself in psychiatric hospital shortly after his last video appeal addressed to his countrymen. He expressed his critical views on the state of the Vitsebsk health care, including forced coding for alcohol abuse, as well as the fact that he himself was threatened with forced psychiatric treatment.