Installment of monument to Kalinouski is not provided by state concept

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Aleh Korban

Aleh Korban

The initiator of the campaign for its establishment, Aleh Korban, received a response from the deputy chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the head of the pro-government Communist Party Ihar Karpenka.

Mr. Karpenka informs the activist that in accordance with the laws, monuments to outstanding people are established on the basis of the findings of the Ministry of Culture on the consent of Aliaksandr Lukashenka, after determining the sources of financing.

Minsk Research Institute of Socio-Economic Studies developed a scientific concept, in connection with which it was planned to establish some concrete works of monumental and decorative art in 2012-2017.

"This concept does not include a monument to Kalinouski in Minsk. However, taking into account the repeated appeals of the citizens on the issue, the institution was encharged to provide an opinion on the reasonability of establishing such a monument in the city of Minsk," wrote Karpenka.

Appeal to the Minsk CEC with the request to install a monument to Kalinouski was sent on 9 July. The activists sent letters to the head of the Minsk City Council of Deputies, the Minister of Culture and the head of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

Before this, they collected 4,000 signatures in support of their idea, 3,500 of which were sent to the authorities.

The campaign was launched by activists of the public organization “Alternative”. They also proposed to put the monument to the leader of the national liberation uprising of 1863-1864 Kanstantsin Kalinouski on the square, which starts from Kalinouski Street near the Independence Avenue, and near which the Eastern Cemetery, where many prominent cultural activists are buried, is situated.

The activists note a good attitude of Minsk residents to their initiative. People know who Kalinouski is and understand the importance of the uprising under his leadership.

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