ARCHE Re-Registered

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The document was signed by the Minister of Information Aleh Praliaskouski and dated May 22.

The chief editor is Valery Bulhakau who is already in Belarus.

Ales Pashkevich, who performed duties of the chief editor, the packet of application documents did not differ a lot in the fifth time. They only added some information about Valer Bulhakau.

“Why they refused four times out of formal reasons, and now re-registered – many variants are possible here. Perhaps, it was some political expediency, perhaps an order from above, perhaps they just ran out of formalities to stick to…” sys Ales Pashkevich. “Now we don’t have any obstacles to resume publishing. We hope to see the next issue in June.”

Now the topics of the magazine include "science, popular science, literature and art, history, books, cultural studies, social sciences, philosophy.

The registration certificate of 2009 also included mass-political topics. Ales Pashkevich explains that this topic was not indicated in the application, as it had not been touched upon a lot in previous years.