Dismissal of Hrodna lecturers is a political order

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Historian Ales Krautsevich

Historian Ales Krautsevich

This is the opinion of doctor of historical sciences Ales Krautsevich.

Mr. Krautsevich offers his sympathies to his colleagues who have been recently dismissed from Hrodna State University. "Lecturer Ihar Kuzminich, docent Andrei Charniakevich and professor Viachaslau Shved became victims of their professional activities. They suffered for the historical reality," says Ales Krautsevich.

"This is a political case on the part of the authorities, there was no politics on the part of the authors of the textbook "Hrodna Studies". They are not members of any political parties and don't take part in the political life under the command of the opposition. They just write the history of their city and became victims of persecution occasionally. They didn't write about the history of Hrodna after 1994 and soldiers in their photos walk under white-red-white flags. Of course, this is a political case against the will of the book's authors," commented Ales Krautsevich.

In March 1995 Ales Krautsevich had to leave the position of provost at Hrodna State University due to the change of the political situation in the country. Now he teaches history at the higher educational establishments of Poland. In 2001 he was elected the head of the executive committee of the Council of the Belarusian Historical Society.