Ex-political prisoner Martsaleu banned to leave Belarus for treatment

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Siarhei Martsaleu requested the opportunity to go for a few months to Poland, Ukraine and Russia, Euroradio reports.

Earlier Martsaleu noted that he was tried together with Iryna Khalip, who was allowed to travel abroad to meet with her husband. The political prisoner hoped to receive permission to travel, too.

For convicts on probation, there are three reasons for which they may be allowed to leave the country. This is a death in the family abroad, participation in a trial in another country and leaving for health reasons. Siarhei Martsaleu attached medical certificates to his application.

However, the response from the inspection of corrections says that an investigation revealed that Minsk city hospital No. 9 sees no need for Martsaleu’s treatment abroad.

Therefore, he was denied permission to leave. The trial, which will review the cases of Martseleu and Khalip is expected to be held on July 20.