Prisoner cut his veins while serving arrest term in Akrestsin Street

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On 9 March Andrei Ch. who was serving an administrative arrest term at the delinquents' isolation center in Akrestsin Street, cut his veins, demanding medical assistance.

This information was spread by the cultural and educational institution "Platform Innovation".

According to the organization's information, the reason for the deed was the refusal of workers of the medical department to provide him with painkillers despite his continuous complaints about headache. He kept asking for medical assistance for several hours, but nobody turned attention to his complaints. Being unable to bear the pain any longer, the prisoner cut his veins.

The medical workers who were called to him after this only bandaged his hands, saying there was no need to call an ambulance for him. Then he was transferred to another cell.

"It's worth noting that the complaints about the failure to provide medical assistance to prisoners by workers of the delinquents' isolation center are a usual thing. However, in this case a convict had to take an extreme action, which proves that it is necessary for the prosecutor's office to turn attention to the evident violation of the norms of keeping of arrested and detained persons," points the website of "Platform Innovation".

The head of the organization, Andrei Bandarenka, stated to BelaPAN that one can this information is 100% trustworthy as it was provided by the people who were serving administrative terms at the delinquents' isolation center.

According to him, Andrei Ch. must be released on 16 March. His arrest wasn't connected to any political activities.