"Fair World" member Valery Rybchanka appeals to the UN against actions of Zhlobin police

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Valery Rybchanka, a member of the "Fair World" party, filed an appeal with the UN Human Rights Committee against the refusal of Zhlobin District Court to admit perjury on the part of the local police during the trials over him in 2011.

"At first we filed an appeal with the Police Department of Homel Region Executive Committee. By the way, we had to do it two times, as the court, for some unknown reason, stated that we hadn't applied to it," says Valery Rybchanka. "Then our appeals were directed to Zhlobin District Police Department and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus. After this, we went to court again, but received only formal replies in all cases. That's why we composed explanations concerning this situation and filed our appeal with the UN Human Rights Committee."

Bear in mind that after the detention of Valery Rybchanka during the distribution of printed matter on 3 July 2011, Zhlobin District Court sentenced him to 15 days of arrest. The policeman who detained Rybchanka wrote in the violation report that the latter was detained until the clearing of circumstances. Mr. Rybchanka was left in Zhlobin remand prison (where repairs were being conducted at the time) till the trial which was held the following day, on 4 July.