Search at the apartment of BelSat journalist Ales Barazenka

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The apartment of Aliaksandr Barazenka, a journalist for the Polish satellite TV channel BelSat was searched as well. Mr. Barazenka managed to inform the BelSat representative Mikhail Yanchuk about it. According to Mr. Yanchuk, the search at Barazenka’s started at 6 a.m. and lasted for about two hours.

As a result of the search, the laptop of his girlfriend was confiscated and Mr. Barazenka was taken for an interrogation to Sapiorau Street, 7. He managed to send an SMS asking to be provided with a lawyer.

A banner with the inscription ‘Where’s Kolia’s mother?’ was confiscated from the apartment as well.

The journalist was released in several hours. Bear in mind that Mr. Barazenka had been detained on 21 December at the entrance of his house. He was guarded to the Frunzenski District Police Department. The police checked his passport data and released him.

Mr. Yanchuk expects a meeting with investigators as well. He has been invited for a ‘talk’ at the KGB office, but asked to present him an official writ.

‘Now I’m waiting at home, as usually they bring home searches instead of writs’, jokes Mr. Yanchuk.