Barysau: 24-hour observation is not permitted

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Observers are not allowed observing ballot boxes at the election precincts of Barysau on a 24-hour basis. As said by the coordinator of the For Fair Election-2010 campaign in Minsk region Mikalai Pakhabau, the commissions even refused to register new observers at one of them. told about this. 

In the morning of 14 December representatives of the opposition structures submitted applications for 24-hour observation at nine precincts in order to secure the safety of the ballot-boxes. According to Mr. Pakhabau, all applications were declined in the evening. 

As for Mikalai Pakhabau himself, representatives of precinct election commission No. 12 refused to register him as an observer from a trade union. One of them explained the refusal by the fact that the election had already started so no new observers would be registered. Mr. Pakhabau suggested she should consult the Electoral Code, but there were no copies of this document at the precinct.

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