Don’t Maladechna police know anything about electoral campaign?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 4 December in Maladechna the police detained four young activists who take part in the electoral campaign of the presidential candidate Ryhor Kastusiou.

They were stopped by a police patrol at the central square. The policemen stated they were looking for a stolen mobile phone and therefore they needed to search the youngsters. However, they found only several leaflets of Ryhor Kastusiou. One of the detainees had certificate of a member of Kastusiou’s electoral team and explained to them that it wasn’t a law violation.

However, the policemen guarded all four to the police station. There the youngsters were told they were detained because of the printed production. The policemen checked their documents and asked where they worked. They counted the leaflets and asked about their origin. Then they asked why the leaflets were found in the rucksack of the guy who didn’t have certificate of a member of the electoral team.

Despite all statements of the detainees that the presidential electoral campaign was at its height, that’s why one could carry and distribute such leaflets the police didn’t release them until one of the policemen phoned somewhere and told that they had found ‘leaflets of some Kastusiou’.

Only then the police returned the leaflets and released the detainees without giving them any charges.

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