Dobrush: electoral influence through children

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The state-owned newspaper Dobrushki Krai assures the readers that the Election Day will become a holiday.

As it follows from the publication, not only election commissions prepare to the Election Day, the local schools do it as well. ‘In the time when candidates for President call electors to cast their votes for them, pedagogues familiarize schoolchildren with the fundamentals of the Electoral Code and hope that in such a way this information will reach their parents,’ writes the newspaper.

After reading the article, one can get an impression that dwellers of Dobrush know nothing about the election and need to be influenced… through their children, and teachers try to do it instead of performing their direct duties.

’Schoolchildren are preparing a pleasant surprise for electors for 19 December. We have a long-standing tradition of organizing amateur performances, and exhibitions of children’s art on Election Days, and this election won’t be an exception,’ promises the newspaper.

’Members of the study groups Sorceress and Skillful Hands plan to open their exhibitions, the school singers prepare their performances under the supervision of the teacher of music S.Hutsava and the dance collective is taught new dances by the head of the study group Katsiaryna Charniakova,’ writes Dobrushski Krai. However, what’s the reason for it all? Care about the parents? ‘We need to make the Election Day a real holiday for citizens. Moreover, this day will become an artistic report for our school. When can the parents see their children onstage and tell their acquaintances: ‘It’s my son!’, but this day,’ explained the edition.

Does it mean that the schoolchildren of Dobrush have the opportunity to perform in public only during elections?

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