Unauthorized picket in the center of Minsk

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On 6 December a group of women who disagree with the court verdicts on the civil and criminal that concern them and their relatives held an unauthorized picket in Svabody Square in Minsk.

As stated by lawyer Tamara Siarhei at the picket, the authorities have refused to restore their rights for several years already. Starting from September 2009 the picket participants have repeatedly addressed the head of the Presidential Administration Uladzimir Makei with the request to listen to them. ‘However, we have been always refused. Thus, the authorities refuse not only to solve our problems, but even to listen to us. According to Article 3 of the Constitution the authority in Belarus belongs not to officials, but to the Belarusian people, which has already turned into petitioners who have to beg for the protection of its rights,’ said the lawyer.

She addressed participants of the All-Belarusian Assembly (an event held by the country’s authorities in Minsk on 6-7 December) with the request to protect the rights of the victims, follow the example of Great Britain and establish the civil commission on review of criminal and civil cases and demand that officers of the executive committee abided by the Constitution and other laws of Belarus.

More than 30 people from all parts of Belarus took part in this action. They held banners with the inscriptions ‘Administration of President of the Republic of Belarus is a solid protection of lawlessness in the country!’, ‘Mutual protection of officials – violation of rights of the people!’, ‘We demand that officials abide by the Constitution and the laws of the country!’.

Officers of secret services in plain clothes watched the picket (that lasted for about 40 minutes) and shot it with video cameras. Then representatives of the group of women headed for the Office of Prosecutor General and handed to the prosecutor an address asking to punish the Deputy Chairperson of the Minsk City Executive Committee Mikhail Tsitsiankou for an unlawful attempt to hinder the holding of the picket. The police didn’t let them pass an address to participants of the All-Belarusian Assembly, signed by more than 60 citizens.