Masty: police demand explanations from members of electoral team of Vital Rymasheuski

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In the morning of 6 December the local police inspector came to the apartment of Alena Davidovich and asked who had delivered the agitation materials of the presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski which she had posted in the town together with her friends.

The member of Rymasheuski’s team Alena Davidovich had been detained for it on 5 December: at first a shop assistant started clinging to her and reproaching her for being against the present authorities. Later she called the police. Policemen took written explanations from the detainee and let her go after ensuring that she hadn’t posted any agitation in the places that weren’t intended for it.

So, on 6 December Alena refused to give any explanations to the police inspector and said that she had done it the day before.