Babruisk: intimidation of members of electoral team of Vital Rymasheuski continues

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

One of the co-founders of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, the member of the electoral team of Mr. Rymasheuski Iryna Navumovich faced with pressurization from the side of an unidentified official of the Babruisk Town Executive Committee.

'At present I am in hospital. Recently I have received a telephone call from my boss (I work as administrator in the Magnet restaurant. He told me about a visit of an official of the Babruisk TEC who stated that I was connected with politics and the opposition. 'Do you need trouble, you have a small child? Why have you engaged in politics?', asked the manager of the restaurant. 'I have done it as I have such a right!' answered the woman.

Iryna Navumovich adds that after signing out of the hospital she will try to identify the person who visited her boss. As she understood from the words of the manager, the official was also interested whether she had really agreed to become a co-founder of the party of the Belarusian Christian Democracy.

The leader of the Babruisk BCD branch Taisiya Kabanchuk states that persons who introduce themselves as officers of the Ministry of Justice continue persecuting BCD members.

'One of our members is the retired lieutenant-colonel Filip Samsonau, who lives in Babruisk, though he is registered as a resident of the village of Kalodzishchy where his son lives. These 'officers' looked for him even there! They came to his daughter-in-law and kept asking whether he signed as a co-founder of the party. Then they took from her the number of his mobile phone. However, each time they phoned to him he asked what right they had to phone and why they kept watching him, and soon they gave up. In the majority of the cases when people ask these 'officers' to tell their name and position, they just put down the receiver.

Taisiya Kabanchuk also states that these people have already made telephone calls or visited the apartments of all Babruisk co-founders of the BCD.

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