Baranavichy: local mailmen are obliged to deliver leaflets praising Belarusian state

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The mailmen of Baranavichy are made to sign the undertaking to distribute the leaflets titled 'State is for the people! Everyone must know it!' According to the imprint, the leaflets were produced by open stock company Chyrvonaya Zorka. The total circulation of the leaflet is quite impressing – 48,000 copies.

According to the leaflet, the population of Belarus pays only 40.9% of the expenses for the technical maintenance of dwelling houses, 31.6 – for heating and hot water, 34.2% - for cold water and 30.3% for sewerage. The authors conclude that citizens of Belarus pay only 37.05% for public utilities, and the state pays 62.95%.

The head of housing office #2 Ala Piatrushka said she didn't know anything about these leaflets. The central post office of Baranavichy was unable to explain the origin of the leaflets and just stated that the post was implementing an order of higher officials. That's why the civil activist Siarhei Housha (who had received such a leaflet) sent a letter to the head of the Baranavichy district communications center, I.Padvyshetskaya. He asks her where such informational materials came from, whether the mailmen were obliged to deliver such informational production to all adult residents of Baranavichy and what whether such work was based on provisions of any legal acts?

The civil activist Viachaslau Bolbat believes that the appearance of such leaflets during presidential elections must be considered as the attempt of the state officials to create a positive image of the state. In particular, they are trying to demonstrate their care about the electors and convince the, to vote for the 'stability' of the state power which allegedly serves the people.

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