Brest: provocateurs detained near electoral picket of Vital Rymasheuski

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 12 September afternoon an incident happened at the entrance of the central market of Brest. Thre drunk youngsters came up to the electoral picket of the potential candidate for president Vital Rymasheuski and said they would tear down the white-red-white flag that was raised by the picketers. They also clang to the member of the electoral team Zmitser Shukhrai, tried to hinder the work of the picketers and insulted the passers-by who came up to sign for Mr. Rymasheuski.

A police patrol arrived to the place of the incident and took two of the youngsters to the police station. Zmitser Shukhrai considers it a planned provocation and states such things can continue in future.

Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections