New circumstances of Cameroonian Football Player Guy Toukam’s case

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Several weeks ago 28-year-old Guy François Toukam who had been detained in Belarus for 44 days on accusation in forgery of the passport received an answer from Belarusian officials, from which it follows that he had allegedly refused from services of a counsel, that he had been provided with a interpreter from the very beginning and he hag even confessed that his passport had been forged!

’It is clear lies!’, indignantly says his fiancée and counsel Inmaculada Gonzales. ‘Guy knows the importance of having a lawyer and it was the first thing he asked about. He wasn’t provided with a interpreter either in the airport or in prison. He didn’t sign any documents and naturally he didn’t confess that his passport was forged.’

Bear in mind that on 1 June Guy Francois Toukam came to Minsk to take part in a match of the European Cup of Champions on Futsal. However, he was detained in the airport on suspicion in forgery of the passport and placed to the delinquents’ isolation center in Akrestsin Street.

In the official answer it is stated that he ‘was provided with a interpreter, and was offered a lawyer’s services for the administrative trial, but refused from the services of the latter, which is witnesses by the appropriate records in the case signed by Mr. Toukam G.F.’

’Guy says he didn’t sign any documents, any documents at all, as he wasn’t given anything to sign,’ continues Inmaculada. The Ministry of Internal Affairs forwarded her complaint against the detention of her fiancé to the State Border Committee, which passed it to the border control department of the Minsk airport (which is actually responsible for his detention!).

Inmaculada Gonzales: such things are impossible in Spain. Each complaint is passed and considered at a higher level. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received the answer, as there are only lies! This Mr. clears himself before higher officials from the unlawful detention. I sent e-mails to Lukashenka and various ministries and was told that there would be an answer. Now they are washing themselves clean as they can and thing up anything they want.’

Inmaculada says they will reach the UN Human Rights Committee if necessary. ‘Of course, we won’t stop and will complain to the UN. However, we need to come through the Belarusian instances first. It is necessary not only for Francois, but also for other people who get in the same situation. This complaint is not aimed against the country or its citizens, but against the corruptive practices of the Belarusian officials that make people suffer.’

The answer of the acting head of the border control department states: ‘Thus, analyzing the incident, it should be concluded that the empowered officers of the border guard of the Republic of Belarus didn’t violate the rights and legal interests of Mr. Toukam G.F. starting from the moment of his detention at the airport and ending with the moment of his release, and his administrative punishment was lawful and well-grounded.’