Hrodna: detention for leaflets with Yaraslau Ramanchuk’s address to entrepreneurs

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On 4 September, policemen in mufti were waiting for distributors of opposition leaflets in the mini-markets of Hrodna.

The members of the United Civil Party Natallia Komar and Pavel Drachou came to the mini-market Hrandzichy at about 4 p.m. to hand out the address of Yaraslau Ramanchuk to entrepreneurs. As soon as they took out the first leaflets, they were approached by the people in mufti who asked why the activists had come so late and joked that they had been waiting them since morning.

The activists were detained. About 50 leaflets were confiscated for them. They were released after giving explanations. According to ERB, on 6 September the police paid visits to the administrations of all Hrodna markets and told the officials to phone to the police would they see the ‘harmful’ leaflets.