Attempt to detain Artur Finkevich

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People in mufti tried to detain the leader of the Young Belarus movement, Artur Finkevich, and Nasta Mashchava, a coordinator of the movement.

As soon as Artur and Nasta went out of the porch of her house, people in mufti who were waiting in a car near the next porch rushed towards them. Artur and Nasta barely managed to got back to the porch and close the entrance door when the men started knocking on it and trying to open it.

Now Artur and Nasta are staying in Nasta’s apartment in Altayskaya Street. People in mufti are keeping their duty near the door of the porch and out in the street.

Artur Finkevich doesn’t know the exact reason behind the detention attempt, but suspects that it is connected with the upcoming assembly of Young Belarus.