Salihorsk: hidden vote count

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Two different approaches to vote counting were shown by the election commission of two various polling stations, located at Salihorsk’s school #5.

The work by the commission of the non-alternative polling station was open. The tables were 2 meters away from the observers. The vote counting was transparent.

However, a few meters away was another commission, who worked in a constituency with two candidates, one of whom was a pro-democratic candidate Aliaksei Valabuyeu. In this case, the observers’ tables were situated 10 meters away from the commission. The commission members counted the ballots with their backs to the observers.

The activists of Valabuyeu’s campaign team were allowed observing the counting of ballots of the early vote and ‘home vote’. At the same time, they were refused to observe the counting of ballots cast on the day of the election.

‘Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections’