Detention for blue ribbons

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Activist of the civil campaign European Belarus Stefan Korf was detained by police patrol near Kuntsaushchyna metro station.

The oppositionist was guarded to police station #3, he was explained he had been detained for pasting stickers with European symbols and hanging out blue ribbons. Policemen searched his bag but didn’t find anything. The activist was set free three hour later, no reports against him were drawn up,’ the website European Belarus reports.

As coordinator of European Belarus Zmitser Barodka said in an interview to, youth activists started hanging out blue ribbons, the symbol of the European Union, among Minsk dwellers.

‘We call on the people of Belarus to take a more active citizenship. If earlier we offered collected people’s signatures for joining the European Union, which founded wide support among population, now we offer the Belarusians to tie a blue ribbon as a sign of their European choice.

Activists hand round blue ribbons and information leaflets calling on the Belarusians to take active part in the campaign European Belarus and demonstrate their choice by visual means,’ Barodka said.