Liudmila Asipenka: ‘Let us hope the charges brought against my father are a mistake’

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As we have reported before, on 25 November the Vaukavysk businessman and political prisoner Uladzimer Asipenka, was charged with terrorist act preparation. The case will be filed to one of the country’s prosecutor’s offices, after the accused and his legal advisors study the materials of the case.
‘It is likely to be the General Prosecutor’s Office. As for the case itself, it is likely to be considered at one of Minsk courts. I think there are no reasons for the trial to be a closed one,’ said human rights activist Aleh Vouchak in his interview with
Meanwhile, Uladzimer Asipenka’s daughter Liudmila was not allowed to talk to her father.
‘According to our legal defender, he was filled with indignation and said he did not admit his fault. I think there are yet statements to follow. As for me, I am shocked. There has not been anything like that in this country before, and there it goes… An innocent man… It is hard to believe,’ said Liudmila Asipenka.