Vitsebsk: Barys Khamaida detained again

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The police officers of the Chyhunachny district police department of Vitsebsk detained the oppositionist Barys Khamaida for distribution of non-state press.

He was detained near the so called ‘Blue House’ in Lenin Street, 21, where he, as usual, distributed Nasha Niva, compilation of Lukashenka’s quotes by Uladzimir Padhol and other editions.

Mr. Khamaida renewed the distribution of newspapers only on 3 November after a four-month break. In the beginning of summer he got in a hospital and had to take a break after it. According to him, the last week ended without any incidents, and today he was detained by the police.

By the way, Barys Khamaida has been detained by the police for distributing the press many times already.