‘BelSat’ director not let in Belarus again

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Agzieszka Romaszewska, who was going to Minsk on the invitation of the organizers of Minsk Forum XII on 4 November as a guest of honor, was denied the Belarusian visa.

She confirmed this information to the BAJ press-service today evening. According to her, he was denied visa without any explanations.

All the documents necessary for obtaining the visa including the invitation from the forum organizers were filed to the Belarusian embassy a week ago. Agzieszka Romaszewska also booked a plane ticket for today, but at 1 p.m. she received a negative reply from the embassy.

‘Frankly speaking, it seemed to me that this time I would receive a visa for at least two days – in any case I wouldn’t have made any ‘revolution’ for this time. However, I see that the Belarusian authorities have quite a rigid position. It is not an accident,’ commented A.Romaszewska.

‘It seems to me that the visa denial also shows that there is little hope for registration of the BelSat representation in Belarus. I treat this fact and the reports of the state Belarusian TV about us as preparation of the grounds for denying us registration,’ stated the BelSat director to the BAJ.

BelSat first applied for the registration of its representation in Belarus as a part of the Polish TV (TVP) by the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign affairs on 20 December 2008.

In February the MFA suspended the consideration of the documents alleging that they were prepared in a wrong way.

In summer BelSat applied for registration again. However, in July the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus stated that one of the documents necessary for the registration was missing. The TV channel ‘corrected the mistake’ and now is waiting for the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs again.