‘Young Front’ activist Andrei Tsianiuta secretly expelled from Bryansk agricultural academy

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Andrei Tsianiuta

Andrei Tsianiuta

On 10 August Andrei Tsianiuta, Young Front activist from Homel, was detained near his house by policemen and taken to the military enlistment office.

Andrei Tsianiuta had a determent from service because of study at the agricultural academy in the Russian city of Bryansk.

On 24 July he received a call-up. It was stated in it that he was to come to the military enlistment office to serve in the army. In response Tsianiuta sent a document that he was a student of Bryansk Agricultural Academy. However, soon he received an answer from the military enlistment office that he had been expelled from the university.

The young activist called the university and was invited there. He was told that he had been expelled because of failed examinations: a year and a half before he allegedly failed to pass an exam.

However, as said by Tsianiuta, he had passed all exams, which is confirmed by the scholastic record. In a private conversation professors told to the young activist that he had been expelled for his political activities.

A reporter of the website reached Andrei Tsianiuta on the phone (his mobile phone was not answering for an hour).

‘Today afternoon I left the house, and was immediately detained by police’, Andrei says. ‘I was taken to the military enlistment office, a report was drawn up, and a conversation with explanations was held with me. I was given a call-up paper and invited for medical check-up on Friday. I do not know whether they can take me to the army now, after the enlistment campaign is over. I consider my being expelled from the university politically motivated. I didn’t have academic arrear, and in a private conversation my curator said that ‘I shouldn’t have messed with politics’. This looks like a part of the campaign which is being carried out in Belarus now.’

Bear in mind that Andrei Tsianiuta has been sentenced to fines and administrative arrests many times. In May 2009, alongside with other young activists, he was on hunger strike of solidarity with Mikalai Autukhovich, Yury Liavonau and Uladzimir Asipenka.