BPF activist Siarhei Salash taken saliva analysis in murder case

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Siarhei Salash, head of Barysau branch of BPF party, visited the local police department on 7 August.

The day before Siarhei Salash received a telephone call from Andrei Churkin, investigator of Barysau police, who told him to come to the police department in relation with a case of murder in Maladzechna.

The police officer told Salash the reason for the conversation was investigation of raping and murder of a minor girl, born in 1993, committed on 3 June this year in Maladzechna. The policeman asked where Salash had been at the time the crime had been committed and suggested him to undergo a saliva analysis.

According to Siarhei Salash, he doesn’t know whether he has a status of a suspected or a witness. The democratic activist thinks this summoning to police can be regarded as an element of discrediting campaign started six months ago. The oppositionist doesn’t rule out that he may be put on the list of restricted to travel abroad.