Political prisoner Pavel Vinahradau amnestied

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The activist of the civil campaign European Belarus Pavel Vinahradau found out about that on 3 August, when he visited criminal and penal inspection.

In an interview to the website www.charter97.org Pavel Vinahradau told that he learnt about the amnesty from his inspector.

‘On the first Monday of the month, as usual, I came to register myself in the criminal and penal inspection of Zavadski district. This time my inspector said: ‘Vinahradau, you have been amnestied, you are free’, the activist of European Belarus said.

Pavel Vinahradau confesses that it was surprising information for him. ‘It has been long since do not understand the actions of our authorities’, he said. ‘Some people who have committed a crime, walk at large undisturbed, while innocent people are imprisoned for their political views.’

As said by the participant of the Process of Fourteen, the amnesty cannot be evidence that radical changes in Belarus.