Authorities demand that Siarhei Parsiukevich pays compensation to policeman

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Siarhei Parsiukevich

Siarhei Parsiukevich

Former political prisoner Siarhei Parsiukevich must pay compensation for ‘moral damage’ to the policeman who was beating him.

As the Charter’97 press center has learnt from Mr. Parsiukevich, the court is trying to exact 1.150.000 rubles in favor of Alexander Dulub, guard of the prison in Akrestsin Street.

‘Since 30 May 2008, when the judgment came into force, they have demanded that I paid compensation for ‘moral damage’ to Dulub,’ Siarhei Parsiukevich told. ‘They want me to pay 1.150.000 Belarusian rubles. It’s not important what the sum is. I wouldn’t give 10.000 to this man. I was beaten, the case was falsified, and I must pay for this.’

It should be reminded that leader of the movement of entrepreneurs Siarhei Parsiukevich was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for participation in a protest demonstration on 10 January 2008 and for the fact he allegedly beat Alexander Dulub, guard of the prison in Akrestsin Street, when he was serving an administrative arrest there for participation in the protest rally of entrepreneurs, and was on the eighth day of a hunger strike. Parsiukevich stated at the trial he had been brutally beaten up by the police.

The entrepreneur Ales Taustyka confirmed evidence of Parsiukevich at the trial in April 2008. According to him, militiaman Dulub burst into the cell, ordered rudely to stand up and beat Parsiukevich on his legs and guarded him out of the cell. According to witnesses, it was Parsiukevich who was beaten up. They say that Alexander Dulub, who is considered to be a victim in the case, slandered Siarhei Parsiukevich in fear to answer for his actions.