‘For Freedom’ movement starts anti-dactylographic campaign in Masty

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In Masty the activists of the For Freedom movement have started a campaign against the unlawful dactilography of the population, after all men started receiving writs to Masty district police department for giving their fingerprints to the police.

The campaign participants intend to inform the population that everyone has the right to refuse from being finger-printed except from several cases determined by the law. Masty dwellers will be also familiarized with the provisions of the Criminal Process Code of Belarus concerning the dactylographic registration.

‘We are against the unlawful procedure of taking fingerprints from Masty dwellers, who have all legal reasons to refuse from this procedure. Today we have submitted a collective application to the head of Mastry district police department and the prosecutor of Mastry district, demanding explanations of the unlawful actions of Masty police and the reasons for the massive delivery writs for fingerprinting,’ told to the European Radio in Belarus Ales Zarembiuk, coordinator of the For Freedom in Hrodna oblast.