Military officers confirm there was an order for drafting of Zmitser Khvedaruk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zmitser Khvedaruk’s parents are gathering documents proving their son was unlawfully drafted for military service. They don’t have the results of the medical examination of Zmitser. They and staff of the college, where the activist studies, are gathering documents that may prove Zmitser was drafted into army unlawfully.

Zmitser’s father Alexander Khvedaruk was given a certificate from hospital #9 on head injury, Zmitser had got in December last year, when he had been beaten up by riot militiamen during a rally ‘For Independent Belarus!’ According to a general provision of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health, such an injury gives a three-year determent.

Yesterday the lawyer of the Biblical Theological College where Zmitser studied visited the military enlistment office. He tried to explain officers that an education establishment doesn’t lose its status because of an overdue license (Zmitser lost a determent because the college exceeded a term of the license) and that Zmitser is a student. Staff of the military enlistment office said they understand the lawyer was right, but they were fulfilling an order.

There is information that Zmitser didn’t have meal in the detention center and in the military enlistment office (2 days), the young man was also beaten in the military enlistment office. He arrived in the military unit with hematomas on his arms.

It should be reminded that Zmitser Khvedaruk was detained by officers of militia and the KHG at the end of January. The young man was guarded to a military enlistment office and then to a militia department. Zmitser was said he must have been arrested for 10 days for participation in a rally, held on May 1 last year. The boy was guarded to hospital the next day, where he was forced to undergo analyses, and then was taken to a military unit in Zhodzina.