Brest opposition is discriminated

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Brest human rights activist Raman Kisliak came to this conclusion after getting an answer from Brest city executive committee to his inquiry concerning the actions that had been authorized by Brest city executive committee and had taken place at the Locomotive stadium.

In the answer the deputy head of the executive committee Khafizau informed the human rights activist that in 2008 the committee had received 30 applications for authorization of mass actions, and only six of them weren’t held at the stadium, including the honey feast, the Pancake festival. The official did not enumerate the places within the 50-meter zone of which it was prohibited to hold any mass actions. As written by Khafizau, such places are marked with signboards.

Mr. Kisliak considers it as concealment of information, as one cannot walk all over the city in order to take a look at every signboard, the more that some buildings stand in the yards and can’t be noticed from the street.

Raman Kisliak is dissatisfied with the official’s answer. He says that in this document the official provided incomplete information about the actions that had been held outside the limits of the stadium, including various fairs, actions of the road police, border guards and the chamber of commerce. It seems quite strange that all aforementioned organizations can hold their actions wherever they like, but the opposition has only a desolate stadium in its disposal.