Brest oblast: Jack of all trades Nina Fedaruk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 23 august the state newspaper Narodnaya Trybuna (distributed on the territory of Brest oblast) published an article With relish! Mushroom salad in which Nina Fedaruk, a pretender for candidate at Mukhavets electoral constituency #4 and a deputy of the present parliament, told the readers that she liked household choirs, her family and home… She even proposed to the readers the recipe of her mushroom salad.

The same an article There is no more important concern was place in the front page of the state newspaper Zara nad Buham (distributed on the territory of Brest district). In this article the reader are informed about the political briefing in the region and a meeting of Nina Fedaruk with the working collective of the Zakhodni state enterprise about the achievements of the contemporary medical service to the population.

On 27 August the front page of Zara nad Buham was occupied by an article I admire you and am proud of you about the state festival Dazhynki in the village of Vistychy. The participation of Nina Fedaruk in the festival is mentioned. In the third page, in the article There has not been such success before Nina Fedaruk offers her opinion concerning the results shown by the Belarusian athletes at this year’s Olympics.

On 30 August the front page of Zara nad Buham features an article Universality, accessibility and quality are the main principles of education informs the readers about a conference in Brest district, at which Nina Fedaruk delivered a speech. ‘Education is one of the main priorities of the state policy in our country. This year it ascends to a new level,’ she said.

The same day an article Nobody was left without attention was published in the fifth page of the newspaper Selskaya Prauda (distributed in Zhabinka district of Brest oblast). The author in a laudable tone describes the reception of citizens by the deputy Nina Fedaruk.

On 30 August an article New questions – to deputy’s notebook about Nina Fedaruk’s meeting with the dwellers of the village of Khatsislau was published in the second page of the newspaper Holas Chasu (distributed on the territory of Malaryta district).

On 3 September Zara nad Buham dedicated two front pages to an article First grader, you have a holiday today! about the festive measures on the occasion of the first day of school classes, attended by Nina Fedaruk as a honorary guest. Here the deputy also speaks about the ‘importance of education in our country’.

We can continue drawing the examples of the ‘multilateral activities’ of Nina Fedaruk and support it all with excerpts from the articles about her which appear in the local press almost everyday, but instead we would like to draw your attention to the provisions of the Electoral Code where it is stated that candidates for deputies must have equal conditions. Fedaruk’ rival, member of the Party of Communists Belarusian Anatol Novik is not mentioned by the local state newspapers. Even now we can speak about a catastrophic disproportion of the candidates; opportunities at Mukhavets electoral constituency #4 which includes Brest, Zhabinka and Malaryta districts.

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