Zhlobin: Refuse from collected signatures!

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Member of Valery Rybchanska’s initiative group was forced to refuse from the signatures he had collected. His employer insisted he did that in written form.

On August 15th Aliaksandar Niadbayeu, worker of checker workshop of BMZ company, was invited for a conversation by his boss A. Kamisarchyk. Kamisarchyk, referring to the plant’s CEO Viktar Matachkin, suggested Aliaksandar should write the following statement: “I, (name), leave the initiative group of Viktar Rybchanka. I ask to consider the signatures I have collected invalid.” A. Niaberau signed the proposed statement and gave to his boss. On August 14th he registered about 50 signatures in the rayon executive committee.    

Commenting on the situation, Rybchanka, who is running in Zhlobin district # 40, pointed out:


-- During registration of signatures deputy chair of the executive committee Aliaksei Sholak was "on duty” in the room. At the same time, he is the chairman of Zhlobin district commission. It is obvious that he was watching who was registering signatures and reported the facts to people’s employers. The member of my initiative group was approached the next day. And his contract is coming to an end soon…

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