Minsk: teachers busy collecting signatures

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The stage at which signatures for nomination of candidates to the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly are collected is coming to an end. However, some of the pro-regime candidates continue violating the requirements of the Electoral Code by using the administrative resource. The officers of the capital’s educational establishments still actively help them in it.

Pedagogues have joined a large-scale action on filling of signature lists in support of the deputy head on personnel of the Intehral alliance A.Kazlou who intends to run at constituency #97. This information was received by members of the initiative group of the BPF member Viktar Ivashkevich from the electors living at this constituency. In particular, signatures for Kazlou were forcibly collected in the working time in Electronics College #76 and in secondary school #71.

These days the social pedagogue of school #54 called to other teachers of the school and in an aggressive manner ordered them not to sign in support of any members of the United Democratic Forces, especially for Alexander Dabravolski.

The teachers of secondary school #152, situated at the same electoral constituency, were made to collect signatures for the pro-governmental candidate Halina Mazurkevich. Teachers of school #208 collect signatures in support of the pro-governmental candidate Shylava, who intends to run at Minsk south-western constituency #99. According to some information, this school receives a special financial support from the presidential administration, a former head of which Mr. Miksha, works there.

In addition, the master of school #208 Liudmila Filimonava is the head of constituency commission #99.

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