Mahiliou oblast court leaves in force verdict to Ales Chyhir

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Mahiliou oblast court left unchanged the ruling of Babryisk town court towards the political activist Ales Chyhir. Judge of Mahiliou oblast court Mikalai Hladki read only the verdict and offered no explanations.

Ales Chyhir was not present at the trial. His lawyer Maryiana Siameshka pointed at numerous violations of process norms in Chyhir’s case and mistakes in the police reports. She stated that Babruisk town court did not discriminate the case well enough and the police had detained the activist to revenge for his civil and political activities.

However, Mikalai Hladki paid no attention to her words. Bear in mind that on 28 July Babruisk town court sentenced Mr. Chyhir to ten days in jail and fined him 2 270 000 rubles (about $1 000).