Vitsebsk: police inspector persecuted for intention to run for Parliament

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Captain Andrei Levinau, 36-year-old local police inspector of Vitsebsk district police department, stated his intention to run for the parliament. This became a surprise not only for the authorities but also for the opposition, because till lately this officer had nothing to do with politics.

Levinau’s initiative group was registered at the district electoral commission, but his police bosses decided to nip such ‘unauthorized activities’ in the bud. At first they checked those to who an inspector was to pay especial attention: the inspection on cases of minors, the criminal-executive inspection, bad families… The first attack failed. Police inspector Levinau proved to be an honest policeman. The persons visited knew him by name and by appearance and remembered where, when and what about he talked with them. Only Andrei Levinau’s district underwent such a large-scale check-up – other districts did not interest the police administration.

Mr. Levinau did not obey even to direct threats and proposals to retire from the police, voiced by the head of the district police department Blazhevich and the deputy head of Vitsebsk oblast prophylaxis department, lieutenant colonel Pranko. Then the main police department of Vitsebsk oblast executive committee decided to punish the intactable policeman in another way.

When Levinau got his initiative group registered, Pranko took from Chyhunachny district police department of Vitsebsk all materials on which the police inspector had decided not to bring criminal cases (this year there were about twenty such cases). These decisions of Andrei Levinau were checked by the head of Chyhunachny district police department of Vitsebsk and the prosecutor of Chyhunachny district. Neither of them found any violations of the law.

Nevertheless, Mr. Pranko chose four cases and directed them to the deputy prosecutor of Chyhunachny district police department (at present he is the acting prosecutor) with the demand to reverse the decisions against initiation of criminal cases. The deputy prosecutor obeyed and Vitsebsk oblast, 1 class justice advisor Dysko ruled to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the police inspector Andrei Levinau.

Judging by large-scale haunting of police captain Levinau, he will have to continue his participation in the electoral campaign as ex-policeman.

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