Mahiliou: state newspaper boosts pro-governmental candidate

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The state newspaper Mahiliouskaya Prauda, #65-66 for 1 August 2008 features an interview with Uladzimir Vasilenka, head of Mahiliou oblast organization of the Belarusian union of veterans of the war in Afghanistan, under the title ‘Go yourself, help the others and you’ll be given!’ It’s worth mentioning that Vasilenka has already registered his initiative group at district electoral commission #84. By the way, one of the members of commission #83, Anatol Pyntsikau, is a member of the organization, headed by Vasilenka.

The article informs the readers about the organization’s achievements in the recent years. The public attention is also turned to such facts that the veterans of war in Afghanistan managed to defend their right to free ride and got adopted the state program for 2006-2010 on support to veterans of the war in Afghanistan.

At present Mr. Vasilenka is a deputy of Mahiliou oblast Soviet of deputies. He is also holds the Man of the year prize from Mahiliou oblast executive committee and apparently is considered to be the pro-governmental candidate to the Chamber of Representatives.

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