Brest: Prosecutor’s office confirms, the call with threats came from the MP’s office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On July 28th head of Kobryn BPF organization Alexander Mekh, fired from the local department of Beltransgaz company (formally – because the end of his contract term, and in reality – for his intention to run in the parliamentary election) filed a suit to Kobryn court.

He asked to restore him at work, to compensate the forced truancy and moral damage of 500, 000 BYR.

Besides that, Mekh received a response from the prosecutor’s office where he had complained about phone calls with threats and insults. The phone number which remained on his Mekh’s cell phone belonged to the office of MP Viktar Kuchynski. The prosecutor’s office confirmed the phone call had been made from Kuchynski’s office but failed to establish that he had threatened Mekh.

The complaints about actions of head of the local Beltransgaz and actions of head of Kobryn KGB A. Basko were forwarded to the Prosecutor General.

The regional department of KGB still did not respond to the complaint about the unlawful actions of Basko.

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