Mahiliou: collectors of signatures for Ihar Kavalenka are not let in hostel

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Collectors of signatures for Ihar Kavalenka, head of the blood donors’ NGO Drop of Life, were not let in the hostel of the Magatex enterprise in Mahiliou, Bialinski Street 48. The janitor explained it with the official order to collect signatures for another person.

‘When I came to the hostel,’ said Ihar Kavalenka, ‘and talked first to the janitor, and then to the hostel master, my initiative group was let in, but I had to waste some time to explain the electoral laws to them.’

At present Mr. Kavalenka is preparing a complaint to Leninski district procuracy of Mahiliou and to Mahiliou district electoral commission concerning the committed violations of the Electoral Code which manifested in creation of obstacles to his initiative group.

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