Mikhail Marynich: I am not going to take part in the parliamentary election

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Mikhail Marynich, former political prisoner and ex-minister answered the questions of the Narodnaya Volia newspaper.

‘Now I am concerned with human rights issues’, says Marynich, ‘in particular – with the dismissal of political prisoners, including Alexander Kazulin. I raise these questions anywhere I can. For instance, recently I have returned from the Congress of Europe, which took place in Haag. In my speech there I said that Belarus is the only European country which is ruled by a dictatorial regime and where human rights and the freedom of speech are violated.

I often have to go abroad – it is connected both to my work and my state of health. In Belarus I am one of the coordinators of the European movement. I am happy that this movement blooms, that we are supported by the youth who strive for Belarus’ joining the European community. By the way, recently the site of the civil campaign European Belarus has been opened.

I am not going to take part in the parliamentary election. I have stated my opinion about it many times already: free elections can be only if the electoral legislation is changed. Then I would gladly take part in the elections, whereas now there is no sense in it. Those who will decide to participate in the upcoming election will play on the authorities’ scenario for the fourth time. Is it not enough?

I am also raising my son. He is almost 16 months already. He is a wonderful boy! By the way, I am not against having another child: one cannot refuse from children. Now I need to bring up this one…