Zhodzina: Aliaksandr Kruty Still Illegally Kept in Pre-trial Prison

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Aliaksandr Kruty has been released from punishment by court three weeks ago. However, he is still kept at the pre-trial prison in Zhodzina. He is kept alone in a cell for live-sentence convicts.

As Human Rights Center Viasna learned, the conditions of his incarceration are a combination of medieval obscurantism and cynical forms of mockery. He is prohibited to read any books. Even an English textbook that was brought by his relatives, was not passed to his cell. He is not led out for walks either.

During a meeting with his lawyer Aliaksandr Kruty said that from time to time the head of the pre-trial prison and other responsible officials pay visits to the prison and ask prisoners about their problem. But none of them have come to him, though he is kept in jail illegally.

Bear in mind that on 24 January Niasvizh court pronounced the verdict on the criminal case against Aliaksandr Kruty. He was found guilty under article 368 of the Criminal Code – public insult of the president. However, the court decided not to punish Kruty because his actions did not present a significant social danger and the criminal case was stopped.

During the investigation Mr. Kruty underwent a forensic expertise, which declared him a paranoid schizophrenic. That’s why instead of punishment the court ruled to send the defendant to a psychiatric hospital, for forced medical treatment. In this case the judge violated the law, because according to part 2 of article 448 of the Criminal Process code the court cannot apply forced treatment in the case the convicts actions present no danger to the society.

The criminal case for insult of president Lukashenka was brought against Kruty in May 2003 for distribution of self-produced leaflets where he wrote that the authorities were serving the evil. He lived in Minsk for several years, and was detained in autumn 2007. At first he was kept in the investigative isolator of Zhodzina and then forcedly kept at the republican psychiatric hospital.