BAJ Hosted Rock Musicians' Press Conference

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On November, 23 the BAJ hosted a press-conference of the Belarusian rock musicians who had recently met Alieh Praliaskouski, deputy head of presidential administration. Invited were the leaders of “N.R.M." (Liavon Volski), “Palats” (Alieh Hamienka), “Krama” (Ihar Varashkievich), “Nejro Diubel” (Aliaksandar Kullinkovich), “N.R.M.” guitarist Pit Paulau as well as well-known concert organizers Uladzimir Shablinski and Paval Kashyryn.

The reason for the press-conference was not the very meeting with the “chief ideologist of the country” but rather a wave of media publications following it. The most frequent titles read "
Belarusian Rocker Selling Themselves?", “Rock-and-roll is Dead”, “Dances with Wolves” etc.

The musicians stated they were glad about the keen media response to the event. However, the performers were astounded by the stance of some journalists reprimanding them for making an attempt to arrange dialogue with the authorities.

The musicians rejected any suggestions of bargaining with the official. They stated Mr. Praliaskouski expressed his intention to improve the current situation when concerts are being banned and wished that musicians did not meddle into politics. The participants of the press-conference view as premature any conclusions about the usefulness of the meeting. However, they believe they have exhausted all the means available to change the status quo.

In their turn, journalists received a chance to put questions to all those who spoke with Mr. Praliaskouski.