Belarusian Social-Democratic Party ‘Narodnaya Hramada’ Cannot Rent Room for Constituent Assembly

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The event is scheduled for 17 November. However, according to the leader of social-democrats Mikalai Statkevich, the party representatives cannot find a room to rent.

‘We have been looking everywhere for a building we could rent. Everybody is afraid of us and refuse to lend anything. They are terrible afraid, their arms and legs shake. Some of them start saying: you understand, we were mistaken, in fact everything is busy everyday, and so on and so forth,’ commented Statkevich.

According to him, the initial agreement for lending a room was received only from the International Educational Center. However, the building of the center is co-owned by Minsk city executive committee, which later prohibited letting Narodnaya Hramada to hold their assembly there.

‘We would like to hold the assembly to hold the assembly decently, without any riot police, the more than we expect there representatives of social-democratic Germany. However, it there will be such clownery, let the guests see the conditions we have to work in,’ Statkevich pointed.