Cattle-breeders Receive Dead Claves as Salary

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Three leading specialists and five farm assistant managers of Zubarevichy collective farm in Orsha region received a suspended sentence of 2 years of imprisonment. They were punished for forcing milkmaids buy dead calves as a live weight. Our reporter Yadviha Stasheuskaya explores the reasons of such actions:  “The management of Zubarevichy was trying to hide the real numbers of loss of young cattle on the farms. They did it in order to avoid disciplinary and financial responsibility. In fact, they blamed the farm workers for every case of cattle loss and made them buy a dead calf as if it was alive at the cost of workers’ salary. Some milkmads had to pay 100-200 thousand BYR a month. Even plumbers and other technical workers had to “buy calves”. It was found out, Orsha cattle-breeders paid about 2 million BYR for dead cattle”.