KGB Shows Interest to European March Preparations

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Regional activists of Young Front are being summoned to KGB. They are warned about criminal responsibility for preparation and participation in the European March.

KGB officers warned Valer Matskevich, head of Babruisk branch of Young Front, about criminal prosecution if he didn’t stop preparations to the European March which would take place on October 14th in Minsk.

Valer Matskevich told RFE/RL: “They threatened me with criminal prosecution. Only this time, besides Article 193 they also mentioned Article 342 of the Criminal Code -- Preparation of an action which led to mass disturbances. In my opinion, the KGB just received instructions to intimidate activists so that they don’t participate in the European March rally and don’t distribute information materials about it.

They were interested in printed materials, how they get to our town, and through what network it is distributed. They threatened me with criminal cases which had just been instigated in Homel region. They said, Mahiliou region would be the next one”.

On 21st of September Kiryl Atamanchyk from Zhlobin is to visit the local KGB office. Kiryl is a student of the European Humanities University located in Vilnius. He doesn’t exclude, that KGB might bring official charges against him.

“They took my system unit, and six white-red-white flags, and even books – written by Zianon Pazniak and Paval Seviarynets. By the way, Paval’s book was signed by the author, and that’s what made them interested. ‘

Tomorrow they summon me for interrogation as a witness. However, I don’t exclude that they might transfer me to the category of suspects. I think this will be a new wave of repression against Young Front.

Arsen Yahorchanka from Svetlahorsk also has to visit KGB investigators. On September 17th the police searched the apartment where he lived.

Young Front activists believe that KGB officers instigate criminal cases for participation in an unregistered organization in each region of Belarus.

In the beginning six activists from Minsk were tried, later – two activists from Minsk region and one – from Brest region.

At present Young Front activists of Homel region face criminal prosecution. According to the statements of KGB officers, the next region is Mahiliou.